Stream Packaging Machines


For content owners and providers who need to meet these demands, the task of delivering engaging cloud based media experiences can be daunting. Add the potential for rapid, unanticipated viral web content demand, and those challenges can become overwhelming. Zia Engineering cloud-based Stream Packaging service converts a single live stream or media file on the fly to reach multiple device platforms – simplifying the technical tasks so companies can focus on web media content and leave the ‘any device, anywhere’ challenge to Zia Engineering. How it Works Zia Engineering interprets online content requests to determine which media streaming protocol is required: HTTP Live Streaming (typically used on iOS and Android devices) or HTTP Dynamic Streaming (for Flash runtimes on a variety of device platforms). Stream Packaging then provides the required control data (or ‘manifest’) to the media player and packages the web content in real time using the appropriate protocol, and delivers it via the Zia Engineering Content Delivery Network. The service can leverage adaptive bit rate streaming to provide a high quality online media experience.

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